A Bigger Base Or A Bigger Head?

When you hear the term ‘penis size’ what comes to your mind? What exactly do you consider when you think about the size of your male member? Ordinarily, discussions surrounding the size of the male member tend to put more emphasis on the length.

It is like men want to have a lengthier penis, yet pay little or no attention to the girth. It explains why people in the ancient cultures would hang weights on their penises to increase the length of the shaft. Unfortunately, in as much as they would successfully increase the penis length, the girths used to suffer. In some instances, the penis would become excessively longer, and the penis circumference would diminish to worrying sizes. It is only then that they would recognise the significance importance of the penis girth.

Speaking of penis girth, another perspective comes into the picture - the size of the penis base and the head. What is more important; a bigger base, or a bigger head? Is this issue debatable or is there one gospel truth that we all must ascribe to? Of course, we are looking at it from the sexual satisfaction point of view. Under normal circumstances, the majority of people would argue that a bigger penis head is ideal. The rightness or wrongness of this statement can only be determined by the ability of each penis part to offer optimal sexual pleasure. It isn’t just about the appearance of the dick. The appeal doesn’t really matter in this instance.

A lot of women will choose a bigger base over larger head when it comes to which one is more pleasurable. larger head is good to look at, but a bigger base offers more sexual fulfilment. larger penis base feels so much better for her during lovemaking. Why? The clitoris is the most sensitive part of a woman’s sexual organ. As the penis head penetrates the vagina, the base plays a significant role in stimulating the clitoris.

Any woman will tell you that while vaginal orgasm is obtainable, it is not only easier but also faster for her to orgasm following intense clitoral stimulation. The penis base takes up the role of pleasuring her. If the base is sufficiently big, it will brush the clitoris during penetration. The resulting friction between the clitoris and the penis base generates an incredible feeling for a woman making it possible for her to cum more easily, and faster.

When all is said and done, we must appreciate the fact that there isn’t a single ideal penis. The amount of sexual pleasure you and your partner experience is dependent on many other factors. Couples are advised to explore different sex styles and positions to establish what works for them. Every couple’s experience is unique. The desire and willingness for both of you to make it work reap fantastic sexual benefits.

Just don’t shy away from opportunities to explore. Adventurous sexual experiences deliver the most fulfilment. As far as lovemaking is concerned, there are no limitations. You and your partner should stop at nothing to make it work – and this includes considering penis enlargement. However, whether or not to undergo an appropriate male enhancement should be a personal decision.

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