Combining Penis Enlargement Pills With Exercise

One of the safest and fastest ways to permanent penis gains is via the combination method of penis enlargement. As demanding as the approach may sound, it is usually worthwhile in the end. Besides, we should always remember that nothing comes on a silver plate. Once you have decided to pursue male enhancement, men are advised to give out their best efforts. Since it is not an overnight thing, patience is a critical virtue in this process.

Well, many men have claimed to obtain desired results from the use of penis enlargement pills. Others have pursued male enhancement using penis enlargement exercises and claim to get results as well. However, have you ever imagined what would be the impact of combining penis enlargement pills with exercises? The people who have used the combination approach seemed happier than the ones who used either of these products alone. As such, men who are into male enhancement are encouraged to use both penis pills and exercises simultaneously to attain more gains and lasting ones for that matter.

The very first step entails identifying and sourcing the right penis enlargement pills. By “right” I mean to say something that will work for you. Just because a product worked for a friend or someone else shouldn’t be interpreted to mean that it will also work for anyone else. Different people are surrounded by varying elements of life. In that case, it is only wise to choose a product that will work for you. Utmost caution should be taken to ensure that a genuine brand is identified. Many scammers sell penis pills that don’t work. Stay safe by purchasing penis pills from reputable manufacturers/sellers that have been in business for a long time. Also, pay attention to the ingredients contained while checking if you are allergic to any of them.

When you are on track with using the penis pills, you may begin to work on enhancing the results by practising penis enlargement exercises. In general, you have three types of penis exercises at your disposal – that are not only effective but also safe to use. Experts recommend the implementation of all three categories on alternate days.


This penis enlargement exercise technique has been in use since the ancient times. It has a particular reputation for enlarging the male member. Jelq must be performed when the penis is in a semi-erect state. A lubricant is imperative before it’s done. It is a pretty straightforward technique, and there is sufficient information about it on the Internet – for free.


This is yet another method of male enhancement exercise that can be done along with penis enlargement pills. Stretching is known for making the male member longer. While lying down, and the penis in a flaccid state, make a gently pull upwards until the highest comfortable level is reached. In that position, hold the penis for about 15 seconds before taking it down gently. Start with a few reps (say 10) and the increase them progressively to around 15.

Kegel exercises

Women also find Kegel exercises quite beneficial. Kegel exercises entail the squeezing of the pelvic floor muscles. The objective is to strengthen the muscles and consequently enjoy greater erection movements. Further, they will help you last long enough in bed, besides receiving more pleasure during sex.

By combining penis pills with these exercises, your end results will definitely be amazing.

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