Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises

In as much as some men won’t admit it, penis size is such an important issue for them. Men with small penises feel intimidated by those who are adequately endowed. More often, men who are well-packaged exhibit higher levels of confidence and self-esteem. The majority of them seem to perform way much better in life compared to their less endowed counterparts. For instance, they do exceptionally well in business, career, family life and relationships and in other aspects of life. Whether we like it or not, penis size is and has always been used to determine the masculinity of an individual.

Sad as it is, only a few men are willing to do something about the size of their penises. It isn’t just about engaging in penis enlargement programs. At times, it just has to do with accepting the reality and finding practical ways of dealing with the problem of a small penis. You don’t have to necessarily pay for expensive surgeries or anything else for that matter. Perhaps, all you need to do is perform penis enlargement exercises and techniques.

Penis exercises are a perfect method for individuals who are afraid of using the modern methods of penis enlargement such as extenders, pumps and surgery. The mechanism of penis exercises is almost the same as that of other methods of penis enhancement. It all revolves around the ability to improve the flow of blood to the penis area. The argument is; if the male member can be made to retain more blood volume in its erectile tissue, the penis increases in size since it can now accommodate more blood than under normal circumstances. Apparently, this applies to the penis when erect and also while in the flaccid state.

Types of penis enlargement exercise

For starters, it is important to appreciate the fact that some penis enlargement exercises are designed for increasing the penis girth, others for length, and some for both. Let us consider some of the most common penis enhancement exercises.

  • Milking

It is the most common form of penis exercise. The exercise helps to promote the flow of blood by forcing it to enter all the areas of the erectile tissue. Performing this task is easy as it only entails application of the milking motion. This should be done on the whole penis length. You should ensure that your penis is semi-erect. Use both the forefinger and your thumb to encircle the penis base. Get a relatively firm grip and then slide your hand forward along the entire penis shaft. This will go a long way in forcing more blood to make its way into the erectile tissue of your organ.

  • Jelqing

It is famous for helping men to gain penis length. It is built on the theory that whenever a penis is subjected to tensile force, it eventually adapts and consequently increases in length. The majority of activities entailed in this type of exercise involve stretching of the suspensory ligaments. These are the ligaments responsible for supporting the penis by holding it into the pubic bone. With regular ligament stretching, the part of the penis that is held by the pubic bone (a bit hidden) is gradually exposed. Jelqing exercises are done on a flaccid penis.

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