Dating Women Of Height

Over all there are many issues that come with dating and people are always looking for ways to over come them. This issue has to be placed in the proper perspective because after all, you are out there looking for love.

However, there is a proper way to do all things when it comes to this position. The case and point for this article is going to be short men dating tall women. This is some thing that has been on the minds of shorter men for a long time.

They are obviously attracted to women that have some height but then they are disconcerted when they see the way that other people look at them. So over coming this issue is some that we are going to talk about. There is no reason to go through any thing painful or the like.

There are ways that you can make a few minor changes and have an appearance that will bring about a less apparent height difference when you are dating a woman of height.

Keep a Distance

The one thing that is nominal in this issue is the fact that you do not need to stand so close all the time. This is especially true when you are dealing with the idea of the proximity that you are standing while in public.

You can actually trick the eyes into thinking that a person is taller then they are. When you stand close to some one that is taller then you then the height difference is very noticeable. So you should be a bit further away.

Rather than walking around town with your arm around her waist simply walk hand in hand. This gives you an arms reach system that provides the eye trick.

You should also make sure that you are standing a bit behind her in this fact. With the idea that you are trying to appear further away you will be able to appear that you are also taller then you are.

This is nothing more than a trick of the eyes but it is used in Hollywood every day for short actors.

Wear Hats

If you wear a hat you are going to appear taller then you are. This is an old time trick that has been used for many years and has great results for the most part.

You do not have to wear anything that is huge or gaudy but you must only make sure that it is a big larger then it should be in the height department.

A standard baseball cap is well known to provide some much needed height. You are going to be able to deliver a better perspective from passersby when you are wearing a hat and take the issue out of the equation all together.

Do not do any thing that will draw attention to your self though. Those are just a couple of ideas that you can use to make the height difference less of an issue. All in all it really does not matter how tall she is in comparison to you as long as you are both happy with one another.

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