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So you have finally scored that first date with the woman that you have been after forever. Congratulations. However, you are now stuck trying to figure out where and what you will doing on this ever important first date.

Since you have spent considerable time getting this date you want it to be special. Well you could go with the dinner and a movie but that has been done to death.

There is always the handsome cab ride and flowers deal but that is so yesterday. A limo ride and fancy dinner? Boring! You need something special and you need it to make that kind of first impression that is very important.

Many men are in the same position. They have no idea how to make things happen on that first date that will make it nearly impossible for her to deny the second round. This is an issue that has to be discussed so we have put together some dating ideas that will help you make it happen.

Long Drive and Small Dinner

The power of a nice scenic drive is largely over looked in this world. If you want to impress her with something that is not done then try this as one of the many dating ideas. There is not a lot of planning that goes into the date and it will be very impressive to say the least.

Pick out a nice area that has some great scenery. If it will be an evening date make it something that can be seen in the dark. Do not be in a big hurry with the drive because that will defeat the purpose of the whole date.

Of course you should make sure that you are in a comfortable vehicle as well. Now then, plan the drive so that you can end up at a nice, quiet little restaurant somewhere.

This will be the perfect cap to this date. It does not have to be anything fancy or top of the line. In the rural areas of the country there are many small little places that offer good food and quiet settings.

Cooking Together

As far as dating ideas go, the cooking together idea may be one of the best. This is a great turn on the old idea of using food as an ice breaker. With this dating idea you can plan the evening to be simple and very effective. There is not a lot of preparation that will go into this idea.

Start off by finding out what kind of food your date likes. This is a very important part of the whole deal. Then you will need to get all the necessary ingredients for preparing such a meal. It is best to make it something that is not all that complicated or messy.

Then you will want to invite your date to your home. Cook the meal together and then eat it in a quiet candle light setting. Following the meal you can either enjoy some talking or maybe pick up a romantic movie to watch and continue with the date.

These dating ideas will help you to end the cycle of over used and boring dates. This will ensure that you are getting the most out of the date and impressing her more then you could ever know. Be creative if you want to make a great first impression.

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