Dating At The Office

You have been keeping your eye on the girl a few cubicles down but is it a good thing to mix work and pleasure together? Sure it is if it is done correctly. Below are some of the best tips for getting that special girl from the office to notice you.

If you want to see how she feels about you, you can always make a complement about another woman in the office and see what her reaction is. You can see if she seems jealous or maybe slightly annoyed. If it seems to bother her then chances are that she is interested in you.

Keep clear of the hounds at the office. There are always a set of guys at the office that flock around the popular girls in the office. You need to steer clear of being considered one of them.

She will most likely look at them as the bottom choices. So stay on the top of pile by not acting like the rest of the men.

Let her see you in action. Let her see the family side of you when you talk to friends or family. She will see you on a more personal level and want to see more of that.

Outside of the office. If you have the chance to mingle with her outside of the office then do so. Perhaps go out with everyone for happy hour or to an office party that is not at the office.

You can meet together on a different playing field and see what each other are really like when not on the clock.

Bump in to her. Be subtle about it but plan to run into her either when coming into work or when leaving. Don't make it a habit but do it every so often. This is a good way to strike up a conversation and see how things go.

Stay away from the bar. When out at work functions or parties do not drink too much and flirt with the other co-workers. That is a classic mistake that people make. They try to have a few drinks to loosen up and get some courage but it usually makes them look like the office drunk.

Be respectful. Show respect for the other co-works and don't talk about others behind their back. This can make you look shallow and unattractive. She will wonder what you say about her when she is not around. So keep it simple.

Don't hide around the corner. She will never notice you if you are the shy office guy so let yourself be seen and let her notice you. You don't want to go overboard and be obnoxious but don't go unseen either.

By following the above steps you will see in no time at all you will have the office girl at your side for dinner and a movie. Just remember to separate work and your relationship. You don't want to make her feel awkward at the office so don't mix the relationship with the work area.

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