Making The First Move

Dating can be a grueling adventure for those who are not used to it and even for those who have been around the block a few times.

You have to know how to make the first move if you want to get yourself out there in the dating scene. Below are some useful tips for how to make the first move. These conversation starters will help break the ice and get you over the dating phobia that keep many people single.

A simple hello with a great smile can say more than you think. That can tell a person that you are interested as well as letting you know if they feel the same way.

That old saying "One look is worth a thousand words" still hold true. With a subtle look coupled with a 3 second smile, you could open all sorts of new doors. You may even find that the person you are trying to meet will strike up the initial conversation.

If you are in a store you can take note of what is around you and what the other person is looking at and comment on that item or perhaps mention something that is near both of you.

This is a nice way to start up a conversation and give you an easy option to walk away if it doesn't go the way you want.

If you really like something that the person is wearing then comment on it. Let him or her know that you really like that jacket they are wearing or how it compliments their eyes. A little flattery can get you farther then you think.

If you are at an event you can comment on the score or what is happening around you both.

Icebreakers are there to help you do just that. Break the ice and get up the nerve to say hello. Once you get a good positive response you will find that the conversation will run smoothly.

You will run into many people are your dating journey so you don't want to pass the "right one" by because you were to shy to say hello.

Practice your smile, making it warm and sincere so when you show those pearly whites off when you say hello you know that you are giving a smile that will win them over.

Don't let the dating scene scare you off before you get your feet wet. Remember that you are not asking them out on the date with icebreakers.

You are opening up the door to have a conversation with the object of your desire. Some people want to first start talking with someone rather than to have someone just come up and hit on them asking them out right off the bat.

That can seem a bit forward and you could actually scare someone off when you are being to forward. So keep the conversation light and simple and you will be well on your way to opening new and exciting doors.

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