Men Are From Mars And Women From Venus

It is true that men and women are very different from one another. They think differently, they enjoy different things, they have different aims in life, and they expect different things out of a relationship.

Men who are aware about what turns women on and what motivates them in a relationship, fare better in their love life that those who do not have a clue about it.

What Do Women Want In A Man?

If you ask a woman the sketch of an ideal man - she would have a long list of traits.

However, women are pretty realistic and they usually accept the fact that there is no such thing as the perfect man just as there is no such thing as the perfect woman. However, there are a few things that they would not compromise on:

Honesty - women want and need to trust the man in a relationship. Most women treat 'telling lies' as betrayal while men would think nothing much of it.

Sometimes, a white lie or two would be okay - but be very careful about telling lies about serious issues in your life or about your past. Women take this as a breach of trust and are likely to break a relationship which is based on lies.

Self-sufficiency - however far in feminism they are, women still find it extremely unappealing to have to support a man financially. Therefore, a man is expected to be self sufficient financially and emotionally.

It would not do to find out that you cannot go to bed without being tucked in by your mother or that you are waiting on tables for a living and that you find that satisfactory.

A woman would want to rely on her man - and for that he should be emotionally and financially complete.

Well-mannered - men think nothing about belching in public or things like that - and it is okay if you indulge yourself in pig-like mannerisms when you are with other men.

However, when you are in the company of a woman, you should display impeccable manners - at table, in conversation, while walking - everywhere. A man without manners is a great put off to most women.

Humor - women simply love men who can laugh at themselves. Humor is something that will never go out of fashion and if you are able to make her laugh, she will love to be around you all the time. Isn't that the way wonderful relationships start?

Sensitive - women expect the men of 21st century to be sensitive to women's needs.

Women expect men to be 50 percent partners in their relationships and hence, they (men) are expected to be able to cook, clean and generally look after the household chores with the same ease and expertise as a woman.

After all, she can go out and earn as much or more than a man - so why not a man do the housework!

As you can see, today's woman is attracted to men who have the potential to keep her happy. While physical attraction is still high on the list on pre-requisites, women today want much more in the man they would have in a long relationship with. Do you have what it takes?

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