What Do Woman Normally Seek In A Dating Relationship

One of the most intriguing questions which men of all ages face is “what do woman normally look for in a dating relationship?”

The eternal struggle of mankind to decipher the inner workings of a woman's mind dates back to many centuries. It isn't an easy task as the thought process of woman is entirely different from their male counterparts. Nevertheless there are few definite areas where men can win over the hearts of their loved ones.


Women always seek men who are bold and confident in a dating relationship. Men who exhibit their power are preferred over men who have low self esteem. Women do not like men who are wimpy and timid. Be yourself in all situations. Faking an emotion can prove detrimental to the progress of your relationship.

Sense of humor:

Most women will almost always fall for a man who has a jovial attitude. Having a great sense of humor is one of the top qualities that women seek in a dating relationship. If you are boring and dull, women are definitely going to be turned down.

Good looks:

Women generally look for good looks in a man. Besides being attractive, it would be an added advantage if he was clean shaven and fresh. No woman would consider going out with a man who looks like he has just gotten out of bed. So being presentable and decent definitely would reflect on your personality.

Financial stability:

Normally a woman considering a serious dating relationship would want the man of her dreams to be financial stable. She wouldn't prefer a man who is dependent on her for his financial needs. In the process of being involved with a financial stable man, she would be assured of security for the future.

Of course, the man of her dreams should be able to shower her gifts albeit not expensive ones.

Good listener:

Women love men who are good listeners. Men should be able to comprehend what the women seek to convey. They should offer support in difficult times and learn to pacify and console them.

Men should be sensitive to the feeling of the women they woo. Woman love complaining about their problems. However they complain only to pour out their feelings and not seek advice.

Men must be able to understand that women would want to give vent to their feeling. In the process women are taking the men into their confidence.


A woman likes the man of her dreams to be innovative in everything he does. This ensures that their dating relationship does not fizzle out too soon. When the man takes extra effort to do a task differently, it will definitely impress the woman. Even a simple thing as buying roses for your loved one can be done differently. Instead of buying the usual roses, you could opt for exotic flowers. It makes the woman appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Above all, women look for happiness in a dating relationship. If the man is caring, genuine in his feelings, tender and thoughtful, it can sure lead to happiness. Of course women too have to equally contribute to foster a lasting relationship.

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