How To Find Out If Your Dating Partner Abuses Drugs

When in a relationship, if you find your dating partner acting suspiciously or strangely, you need to find out if something is wrong. He or she could be having a problem personally or financially and this could lead them to find solace in drugs. This could wreck their lives and future. So before it is too late you need to find out the root, causes, symptoms and cures for drug addiction and save your loved one.

Signs of drug addiction:

Drug abuse is a condition that is serious enough to interfere and affect a person's relationships with his or her loved ones. It involves using drugs in a way that is harmful enough to the body and mind.

One of the first signs of drug abuse is your partner's inability to have a sound sleep. You find him or her tossing and turning in the sleep every day and a sudden restlessness. Alternatively there may also be periods of excessive sleep. Your partner may have suddenly lost or gained weight.

A persistent cough and dental problems are also signs of drug addiction.

Another sign is a sudden change in clothing habits. Your dating partner may suddenly resort to wearing long sleeved shirts to hide injection scars. Syringes, rolled up paper, and blades that may be lying around the house could indicate a drug problem.

Effects of drug abuse:

Your dating partner's behavior is bound to change due to the effects of abuse of drugs. You need to be strong enough to take everything in your stride. There may be cycles of unusual talkativeness and cycles of unusual calmness and unresponsiveness. He or she may have hallucinations and psychosis. A feeling of depression and apathy is apparent.

The dating partner's view of friends and family may change due to mood swings. They become alternatively relaxed and alternatively violent due to mood swings .The person finds a chance to be increasingly left alone. He or she becomes a recluse, alienating themselves from humanity which allows them to indulge in drugs without judgment from family and friends.

Helping your dating partner find a cure:

The first step to help your dating partner is to seek treatment as soon as possible. As soon as you notice symptoms, it is better not to waste any time and get help immediately. Treatment is bound to work only when your loved one is ready to change .You need to talk to your partner openly and convince him to undergo treatment in order for him to lead a normal life again.

Hard work and sincere effort is needed on the part of your affected loved one. Exercise, yoga and

counseling are few of the areas which immensely help the drug addict victim. He or she should undergo a drug rehabilitation program that caters to the various aspects of the individual's personality. It should not just focus on the aspect of drug alone.

In order to help your dating partner over his or her drug problem, you need to be well informed on how to handle the situation. It is better to seek advice from a professional initially before embarking on helping your loved one. You need to detach yourself from the situation emotionally in order to help your partner.

Finally the recovery of your dating partner depends on your unconditional support and help. This will eventually lead to a cure and better prospects for both of you.

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