Do You Love Dating Online? Ensure That You Stay Safe

Internet is a great platform for communication. There is nothing that you cannot do in the communication field through Internet today - talking, instant messaging, sms, live talks, dating and so on.

Most people become addicted to the Net dating because it is so much fun. However, is it safe?

The Pitfalls Of Dating Online

The Internet is so much fun because of two major reasons -

(i) it is anonymous - you retain the choice of whether or not to reveal yourself to the person with who you are interacting - and this makes the dialogue free from any pressure, and

(ii) (ii) it is extremely convenient. You can come on the Internet and talk with anyone you wanted without revealing your full details or identity.

This is the reason why dating online is so popular and people are so happy with this service. However, there are a few downsides for this:

Do not give too much too soon - avoid at all cost to give too much personal information initially - such as phone number, address, office name and location.

The person you are interacting with might be a psychopath and you would be putting yourself in great danger by revealing such information.

Do not trust too fast - people say a lot of things on the Net. It is easy to enter their best fantasies and become the CEOs they always wanted to be or the most popular girl in town.

Take everything that is said with a pinch of salt and learn to countercheck the statements given to you.

Suppose someone tells you he/ she was a model - pose questions that are connected with that profession at different time of the dialogue and see whether the replies gel together.

Trust your gut feeling when the logic seems okay, but still it just does not feel right.

Do not send money - there are many, many cases on the Internet where people were duped with sob-stories, which followed with request to help financially.

While it is good to play the Good Samaritan, you should be sure that it is indeed charity and you are not been taken for a ride. When request for money comes, be more careful about the person you are establishing a contact with.

Do not lie about your preferences - do you hate children? Say so from the beginning of the relationship - as soon as you have an opening about it.

If you give the impression you love children, and the person considers this as a very important criterion for the relationship - your relationship would be over before it starts when the real thing happens.

Why take so much pain in building a relationship to have it destroyed?

Do not lie about yourself - are you a divorcee? A heart patient? A compulsive party-person? Inform about all this early in the relationship.

It is easy to build a relationship with lies - but they do not last. In fact, you would be heartbroken when it ends abruptly because the truth was discovered.

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