Are You Aware Of The Dangers Of Online Dating?

The Internet today is one of the most happening mediums today which covers almost every aspect of one's life. Whether it is income generation, whether it is communication, creativity, teaching, and learning - everything has something to do with the Net.

It is not surprising that dating too, is now popular on the Internet. However, are you aware of the dangers that are lurking out there in the virtual world?

The Dangers On The Internet

You need to be very much aware of the possible dangers that hide on the Internet and be as much as possible prepared to defend yourself. Check out some of the most common ones:

Unstable people - there are many good people out there who enlist themselves for the services of online dating. However, you need to keep in mind that there are as many sick and unstable people out there as well.

Unless you go through a reputed online dating agency (which normally scan and check the backgrounds of the people who seek membership with them) you might risk your well-being and even your life when you agree to date complete strangers.

HIV and AIDS - many people who agree to date end up having sex; and that is okay if both agree to it. However, there are many cases where people might not disclose that they are HIV positive or suffering from AIDS.

This could be because they would be scared that no one would want to have any relationship with them, or out of sheer anger and frustration against their fate. In this manner you might risk getting infected by this fatal disorder.

Financial scams - there are many con-artists out there who are lurking hidden in these online dating agencies. These people sound totally genuine and build a seemingly trustworthy relationship and then ask you for financial help for some or other emergency.

Most people gladly give the money, thinking that they are doing their duty as a friend. However, there no real feelings on the other end - just the wish to get as much out of you as possible.

Breaking the law - today age is no barrier in love and so whether you are 18 or 80 you could be out for a date and possibly a life partner.

However, if the girl hides her age and you two have sex consensually, you are breaking the law even if you are not aware of it.

There are many young girls out there in the 14-16 years old bracket who look much older than their age and who look for fun through the Internet.

Identity theft - when you develop a relationship with people you contact through online dating services, you tend to trust them and you end up sharing a great deal of personal information with them.

Sometimes, the people with whom you are sharing this information can steal your identity and avail of loans in your name or other such things leaving you with a bad reputation, large debts and a big heartache.

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