Create A Great First Impression

There are two ways to find your life partner - (i) through shared environment - office colleague, neighbor, classmate, etc where you learn to appreciate his/her personality traits along with the physical ones and (ii) through dating agencies and introduction from friends.

When the second option is used, it is very important that you a fabulous first impression as this is what would indicate whether your date would want to further find out about you or move on.

How To Create The Best First Impression

It is actually not as hard as you would think. Keep in mind the adage, 'Eat for yourself and dress for others'. The few tips given below should help you impress your date from the very first sight:

Dress semi formal - you need to dress semi-formal. You should be elegant yet casual enough not to look stuffy. Choose something that flatters you, but is not too revealing.

For example if you like to show cleavage, do it discreetly - too much would send the wrong signals on the first date; similarly, if men like tight body hugging jeans ensure that you do not look obscene.

Be well groomed - be very meticulous about the way your hair is done, your nails are done (especially toe nails). Your hairdo - both male and female - needs to match the outfit and complement it.

Avoid too weird colors or gels that stiffen the hair too much. Women should apply light make-up and the lipstick color should preferably match the overall color scheme of the outfit. Use very little jewelery.

There are no rules as such for shoes, other than these should be polished and matching to the dress.

Perfume and deodorants - people sweat a lot when they are nervous and there is nothing more unnerving than a first date. Ensure that you are wearing a good deodorant to prevent body odor.

Men should use a mild aftershave and women floral or mystique perfume. Do not take bath in scent - it is not only inconsiderate, it makes the person look like a dork.

Be well mannered - if you are not sure, take a crash course of table manners. Ensure that you pay sufficient attention to your partner and listen attentively to what they are saying.

Manners encompass a great deal of things - but basically it means that you are considerate of the other person's feeling and requirements.

Be yourself - it is very difficult to be another person and your effort as it is would be in vain because your partner would see through it.

The best is to be yourself - after that is what you are offering to your partner. Besides, it is better to know you now and make up their mind rather than slipping later on and having to start from square one again.

Put your partner at ease - you are definitely nervous. Please remember that your partner too would be the same. Trying to put him/ her at ease would deflect your own discomfort and create a great impression at the same time.

Follow these tips and you will be surprised how easy it is to make the right first impression.

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