Making The Best Impression While Dating Online

In the real world, when you want to make a good impression what do you do? You make sue you are dressed and groomed for the occasion.

Wearing the right clothes and putting on the best mannerisms would definitely create a very good impression with whomever you are planning to meet. What about 'meeting' somebody online?

When You Are In Rome Behave Like A Roman

Meeting people online is a very relaxing way to pass the time and many have found their life-partners through these contacts.

Hence, it is important that the impression you make on the person you contact is good right from the start. Who knows what can happen? Could that be your soul mate? Or a lifetime friend?

Internet dating has its own rules just like real life dating has - and following these rules would improve your chances to find your mate manifold.

While in the real world your clothes, your body language and facial expression would guide the person you meet about your personality, over the Net a person judges you differently:

Language - you would need to speak refined English. Avoid slang and four letter words at all cost. The vocabulary choice of a person says a lot about what type of personality he/ she has.

A well read, sensitive and intellectual person would rather die than use nonsensical dialogue - even if it were as a past-time. On the other hand, self-centered people usually do not care whether the person is offended or not by what they say or how they say it.

Spelling - write as you would write a letter. Avoid the sms type writing and avoid wrong spellings. Read and re-read your email messages before you send them and ensure that they have the right grammar and spellings.

A bad spelled note is a great turn off and it would kill the relationship even before it started. It says that you are a slob - and do not respect the person whom you send your letter enough to make your note presentable.

Font and style - another great thing that would influence the impression created about you online is the font size, type and color you use. Do you use normal type of font formatting? You are a regular person.

Do you use huge font size and a lot of bright colors and highlighting in the emails? You are a loud and outgoing person - a little too showy as well. Do you use too tiny font and conservative colors?

You are secretive, introvert and maybe a difficult person to get along with. Stick to standard sized, black color font. The type would be best Times New Roman or Arial.

Avoid cursive handwriting or any other fancy types as these give a headache when read for to long on the screen.

Style of writing - do you use humor, cynicism or plain style of writing your emails. Needless to say that humorous and tongue-in-cheek style of writing is the most entertaining and popular.

The regular style - not too emotional - is the next. If you use a cynical way to communicating with plenty of genitive remarks and inferences - you would definitely repel instead of attract the person.

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