What To Do Before Your Date

Dating sure isn't easy -- there is so much to think about and it is easy to get stressed out about it. Planning for your date is especially important but if you keep a few important things in mind, dating will be much easier.

So here is what you need to think about before your date, no matter how long you might have been dating each other.

Double check your plans.

When you're getting ready for your date, a good rule of dating is to double check your plans. If you are going out to dinner, call the restaurant to confirm your reservations.

If you are going to be celebrating a dating event, like an anniversary or an engagement, make sure they know so that you can make it really special.

If you're going to be doing something else, the rule of dating still stands; whatever plans you have made, call them to confirm, whether it's hot air ballooning or a cruise to nowhere.

Make sure that you've got it all set up exactly the way you want it to be. Another "before the date" dating rule you should know is get directions.

There is nothing worse than driving around aimlessly while the time ticks closer to your reservations, your launch time, the movie time, or the big party. There is no shame in driving around with directions in your hand.

As far as finances, before your date, you should always check your dating funds. Make sure you can afford dinner. Confirm the ticket prices for the show.

See if you need to pay for any extra equipment for skiing, or additional admission prices at the museum for the special exhibit, and things like that. Nothing worse than being caught monetarily short.

Plan your outfit in advance.

Okay, so while it may sound silly, when you are dating someone, you should really take the time to plan your outfit in advance. This is a really important "before your date" rule.

Check the weather so that you can dress appropriately. And then figure out what you want to wear on this date ahead of time.

This way, if there's a spot or a stain or a tear on your shirt, sweater, skirt, pants, etc., you can take care of it. Remember, you're dating; your date will notice things like this and it will reflect poorly on you.

By preparing in advance, you can also make sure that you'll have time to get to the cleaners, tailor, etc.

Or if you need to replace something -- say you need to buy a new pair of black pumps or a brown belt -- you can do it at your leisure and not feel pressured or rushed.

Communicate with your date what you'll be doing.

Don't forget another important rule of dating. Before your date, make sure you communicate with your date what you will be doing.

After all, you don't want to pick her up for a rock climbing expedition and find her wearing a cocktail dress and heeled sandals.

You don't have to reveal all, but don't let her be embarrassed and overdressed. As you can see, there are quite a few things you can do to prepare for your date.

Dating is hard but it should make you feel better to know that there are things you can do to get ready, to make sure that this dating experience is a positive one for you and your date.

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