Love Challenges Of Birth Order

When dating by order of birth there are going to be some challenges that you may face. No matter what you do there is going to be a period of adjustment that is present in any relationship.

With this guide we will look at the idea of some of the challenges that you will face with the idea of the birth order and so on.

The Only Child

As an only child you are not the kind to leave a project unfinished or not perfect. You are more than likely going to push to have things done a bit better then other people because you can see flaws in just about every thing.

That is a big challenge in love because you are noticing flaws in your partner. The other issue is the fact that you are not going to make the first move. In most cases you either wait for some one else to make the move or you will make it too little too late.

This is due to the fact that you are constantly thinking about the out come before you make any kind of rash judgment on the position.

The Middle Child

You are not an open person and that can negatively effect the out come of a relationship on many levels. The main issue is most likely the fact that you have been burned in the past by many other relationships where you may have held your heart out there. So now you play it closer to the mark.

When you are upset or mad you are not going to communicate at all. That is the kind of thing that has treated you to a lot of long and lonely nights. So you have to learn how to open up just a bit.

There is no reason to show your entire hand just allow some one that you care about to peek at a few cards and go from there.

The Youngest Child

Since you are the youngest and most likely a bit spoiled you are not going to have a firm grasp of the financial end of things like you should.

When the chips are down others are far more viable when it comes to money and you may have trouble getting over this hurdle unless you run into some one that will help.

You are also very big on the charm and will lay it on thick but will not stick with it when things start to happen. You can often find that you are bending others to the way that you want them to be only to find that the issue has back fired on you.

Take steps to turn this around and you will be much better off.

The Oldest Child

You are not known as a romantic or just the seize the day kind of person. As a matter of fact you are just a plain old planner and want to have every thing well in line before you do any thing. That is the very nature of your life. You want to know what is going to happen well before it happens.

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