Your Profile Photos Can Be The Key To Dating Success

Are you having problems with attracting the right response on online dating sites? The problems might be lying with the photograph you have attached to your profile.

There are two things that would influence your success with dating online - (i) the way you write your profile, and (ii) the types of photographs you are posting on it.

Your Photograph Could Be Your Best Tool

It has been observed that profiles with photograph are preferred over those without about 80% of times. Hence, if you are seeking a date with online dating sites remember to post your photograph along with the smart profile you draw up for yourself.

Other things you need to pay attention to are:

Attractive photograph - most people would post the photograph where they think they look best, i.e. sexy, attractive, handsome, etc.

What you need to do in fact is to post a photograph that shows you smiling. A smiling photograph not only puts people at ease, but also gives positive vibes.

Recent photograph - are you thinking of posting the photograph you have taken five years ago at the wedding of your cousin - where you look smashing? Well, don't do that. You need to post a photograph that is maximum six months old - not more than that.

The problem with posting a flattering 'younger' looking photograph would be felt not immediately, but when the person you contact asks for more photographs or when they ask to meet you.

Imagine the disappointment when they see an older person to what they had imagined. You would thence succeed in sabotaging your own chances of finding a date.

Focus on you - do not post a group photograph as this would distract the person from focusing on you.

Who knows they might your friends or relatives better than yourself in that photo because they would be able to compare you - and loose interest in you before they could develop it any further.

Post only single photographs, ones that have you smiling and which focus on your face.

Sharing space with pet is a plus - do you have a pet? A dog? A cat? A lizard? A snake? Whatever it is - having a photograph with a pet posted on your profile would not only attract more attention to your profile, but also open new venues of discussion.

There are many success stories which started because the person liked you with the pet your posed with.

Lingerie, exposed skin is a big 'NO' - you want a date which leads to a serious relationship do not sabotage with sleazy photographs.

Do not upload photographs that have in your jockeys or in your lingerie. This would brand you as promiscuous and attract the wrong kind of people.

No ex-flames in the frame - do not upload photographs that show you in romantic poses with others. This would discourage others from imagining a relationship with you. It would also ut questions on your type of character.

Be natural - the photograph you are posting should show you as the person you are. Do not dress up or down for the photograph. Give the person who looks at your profile a glimpse of the real you. Honesty does pay - and in this case would bring you real love.

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