Find Out If You Scored With Her - Seven Great Tips

The only question that would burn in your mind when you start dating is whether she likes or not. How do you make that out without looking too obvious? Contrary to popular belief, this is really not too difficult - you just need to watch out for a few tell-tale signs.

She makes you the center of attention - whatever she does she never looses sight of you or your likings.

She pays close attention to what you like and dislike and tries to use this information to flatter you - for example, she wears red because your said you love the color, makes apple pie for you because you said you are crazy about apple pie or wears he hair open because you said she looked great when she wore it that way.

She makes time for you - you know she is attractive and also busy with her career. Yet, she takes time out to be with you. Do you find that she makes it a point to be available when you ask her out - or ask her help? Well, she obviously likes you - a lot.

There are traces of jealousy - jealousy supposedly is a bad trait and "good" girls do not give in to it.

However, in the modern world jealousy is seen as positive trait; it tells you that she loves you and that she would not like to share your love or attention with anyone else.

If she is jealous about anybody hogging your time and attention - she is definitely attracted to you.

She imitates your mannerisms - it is said that copying is the best form of flattery and in this case it is one hundred percent true. People who like each other tend to copy the mannerism of the one another.

This is why in a good marriage both husband and wife develop similar behavior and even thinking patterns. Watch her closely - does she imitate (unconsciously) the way you move or talk? If yes, she likes you.

She is interested in learning about you - did she ask about your parents, your childhood, your school days, etc. When she shows interest in you more than the level at what the conversation takes place, then definitely she likes you.

She likes to listen to you - if she likes you a lot she would be likely it sit long hours and listen to what you are saying rather speaking about herself.

This says that she loves what you are talking about and that enough interest has been created in her heart by you to want to stay 'tuned-in' to your conversation.

She fidgets around her face when you are looking at her - it has been proved that one of the most positive signals a woman can send is when she starts patting her face and/ or adjusting her hair/ dress when she sees you.

This is counted as an involuntary effort to make herself look attractive to you.

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