Top Ten Things Of What Not To Do On A First Date

Do not talk about your ex. If you are new to the dating scene then chances are that you just recently got out of a relationship. Many people make the mistake of comparing everything about the date to their ex.

They talk about all the things their ex did that made them unhappy. This is a big date killer and can almost ensure that you do not get a second one.

Don't talk about yourself too much. Remember you are there with someone else and you want them to feel special too. Let the other person talk about what he or she likes as well. Ask questions about the person to get them engaged in a conversation.

Don't talk with food in your mouth. There is nothing more disgusting them being on a date with someone who wants to talk to you while they are chewing food. No one likes to be able to hear the other person smacking their lips and chewing loudly.

All that says is that you don't have much for manners and that you are sloppy.

Don't use your cell phone while on the date. All that says it that you would rather talk to someone else then your date. If give bad signals and looks tacky.

Remember you do have voicemail and you can check messages timely while you take a bathroom break if you feel the message is urgent.

Don't be rude to the wait staff that is taking care of you and your date. That also shows that you have no manners and that you do not care about others feelings. This can intimidate you're your date and give a bad first impression.

Don't pick your teeth or your nose for that matter. Yes this should go without saying but many people start to feel comfortable on the date and then they forget manners. You can simply excuse yourself to the rest room to take care of business.

Don't crack jokes and be the first to laugh at them. If you tell a joke then wait to see your date's response.

This will let you know how his or her sense of humor is and if joke telling is good thing to do. Everyone likes a joke or two but don't be a comedian through the entire date.

Don't make your conversation about putting your friends or other down. It makes you appear vindictive and hard to please and that is never a good first impression. Keep the conversation light and easy. You do not want to tell your life story in one night.

Don't check out other people while on your date. No matter how cute the waiter or waitress is, don't let your eyes wander while with someone else.

Don't look to desperate. Many people try to go over board on trying to make a good first impression, dressing too provocatively or acting like someone they are not. Keep it simple and let nature take its course.

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