How To Be A Better Love

There are many things that can change over time and one of them is your ability to please your partner.

This is all part of the lives that humans lead as we tend to get ourselves a bit too comfortable and so on. With that in mind we have decided that a guide to becoming a better lover is in order.

Slow Down and Take Your Time

The first thing that you should be looking at is the idea that you need to slow down. One of the most endearing things about a great lover is slowing down and taking your time.

Many have forgotten this over the years. You should be as slow as possible and remember that there is no rush.

Do not Over Plan the Event

Planning is a bad thing for great sex. Many have decided that they should have sex on a set schedule each and every week. Well that is a sure way to kill the sex life that you are having. Never plan the event unless it is a special date or something like that.

Being spontaneous is the one thing that should be remembered. That is the positive issue that has to be put forward. When you are able to surprise your lover by just hopping into bed you will be much better off. The lover that you have will much appreciate the gesture.

Spice Things Up

Do not allow yourself to fall into a rut. If you are using the same positions and doing the same things over and over then you are not performing to the fullest potential that you have. That is where you need to learn to spice things up a bit. This will help you many times over.

One of the things that you could do is get yourself some sex toys. Sex toys are a great way to get things moving in the bedroom to a more erotic degree. That means you are taking things to a new level and providing some more attraction to yourself and the over all experience.

Do not be afraid to use this deal of sex toys. Most people are open to the possibility of using such things but they are just not ready to say it. Take the chance and be the first one to suggest it and you will be surprised at what response you are getting from your lover.

Be Romantic and Open

Romance should be a part of all sex. That is something that is going to endear the men to the women. The men that are willing to go that little extra mile and maybe put on some music or maybe bring home flowers and a candle will be much appreciated all the way around.

There is nothing to fear from being romantic. You can do this and become a great lover all the way around.

These tips will help to take you to a new level in the sexual experience. Do not forget to follow them and then stay within range of what you and your partner agree to be the best sex possible.

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